Kevin Snyder-Kelly

Kevin Snyder-Kelly

CRM & Data Insights Director

Kevin is the CRM and Data Insights Director on the Partnership and Impact team where he directs the strategy of data collection, analysis, and reporting from our CRM and other systems to ensure efficient use of data across our platforms. Kevin is dedicated to implementing rigorous impact measurement and evaluation processes that enhance the strategic insights derived from our programs and initiatives, facilitating timely and informed decision-making.

As a 5x certified Salesforce leader, Kevin spent the last four years as a senior Salesforce consultant for nonprofits, assisting diverse organizations in enhancing processes, refining data collection methods, and improving their systems infrastructure for data-driven decision-making. His previous clients include top healthcare institutions, educational nonprofits, human services organizations, advocacy agencies, and social enterprises. Kevin’s keen eye to scaling and organizational growth prepared these organizations to take the next step towards achieving their missions. His firm won the Power of Us Hub Success Partner of the Year award in 2022 in recognition of their achievements.  

Building on his graduate degree in organizational and cultural sociology, Kevin has been working behind-the-scenes with purpose-driven organizations for more than a dozen years. He has been active in the arts communities within the Puget Sound region, singing tenor with multiple choirs and teaching woodturning at a local makerspace. 

Kevin lives in Tacoma, Washington, with his spouse, daughter, and seriously silly dog Oban.