Which challenge area would you like to see shape the next XPRIZE?
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Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty 3.9 %
Natural Disaster Prediction 40.4 %
Off-Grid Energy Access 4.21 %
Saving Coral Reefs 45.14 %
Feeding the Next Billion 6.35 %

Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty

The Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty prize,  sponsored by Gagan Gupta, is focused on exponentially increasing the income for millions  of farmers living on less than $2 a day.

Natural Disaster Prediction

The Natural Disaster Prediction prize, sponsored by Fairfax Financial, aims to save lives and prevent economic losses through better mechanisms to predict and prevent the impact of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

Off-Grid Energy Access

The Off-Grid Energy Access prize, sponsored by Kingo, challenges innovators everywhere to harness our planet’s abundant resources to provide accessible, sustainable energy to the 1.2 billion people globally who live without electricity.

Saving Coral Reefs

The Saving Coral Reefs prize, sponsored by the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative and Wendy Schmidt, is seeking urgently needed, scalable innovations to protect and restore coral reefs.

Feeding the Next Billion

The Feeding the Next Billion prize, sponsored by the Tony Robbins Foundation & the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR), is focused on finding ways to ensure that most people on our planet get access to healthy, nutritious food without making the planet uninhabitable.

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Kulka 46.83 %
Xponential Farmers 53.17 %


Kulka is proposing a competition where teams will develop the most cost-effective device that harvests water from fresh food, at a rate of 500 liters of water per day, using 100% off-grid energy, and costing less than $1,500 to purchase.

Xponential Farmers

Xponential Farmers is proposing a competition where teams will develop a mobile marketplace and delivery system that connects small holder farmers to buyers and allows them to deliver their produce through an autonomous delivery system.

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Gaia Alert 21.37 %
Ride the Eye 78.63 %

Gaia Alert

Gaia Alert is proposing a competition where the teams will predict 50 consecutive earthquakes with 6 and above magnitude, and with the longest lead time, of at least 2 minutes.

Ride the Eye

Ride the Eye is proposing a competition where teams will develop the most accurate, affordable unmanned system that is able to measure the key environmental and geo-location data from the eyewall of a Cat 3 hurricane, and transmit it hourly for at least 5 days.

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Affordable Off-Grid Refrigeration 46.65 %
emPOWER 53.35 %

Affordable Off-Grid Refrigeration

Affordable Off-Grid Refrigeration is proposing a competiton where teams will work to produce the most affordable refrigeration options for off-grid households in the developing world.  Some teams will work to build the most practical household refrigerator that costs less than $5/month to own and operate.  Others will try to build the most practical small community icemaker that can produce ice for less than


emPOWER is proposing a competition where teams will power the most high-value home appliances using a 150 W home energy system for $1/day.

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Coral Reef Restoration 33.27 %
Coral Survival 66.73 %

Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Restoration is proposing a competition where teams will demonstrate out-planting of 500,000 Coral equivalents annually.

Coral Survival

Coral Survival is proposing a competition where teams will demonstrate the highest survival rates for young coral colonies over two years.

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Soilless Challenge 66.38 %
See No Weevil 33.62 %

Soilless Challenge

Soiless Challenge is proposing a competition where teams create a healthy daily diet for 100 people for 100 days in 1 closed soilless system.

See No Weevil

See No Weevil is proposing a competition where teams will develop the warning system with the longest lead time for smallholder farms that can diagnose and warn of the most destructive pests and most widespread diseases with at least 85% accuracy.