Children learn best when they learn in a language they already understand.

It is critical that software be created in numerous languages to reach new learners, especially those with limited access to formal schooling. Localizing isn’t merely translating; the whole environment of the software and content should be culturally relevant, with characters and items that are relatable to children in their specific context.



Adapt learning software to be contextually relevant based on each child’s cultural environment.

Measurable Outcome

The learning apps will be localized in 30 languages in the 30 countries with the world’s highest rates of illiteracy by 2020.


  • Localization challenges. We want to see local communities around the world incentivize their entrepreneurs, educators, and developers to build upon the open source material to create something relevant and useful for their needs. We want to see localization challenges spring up around the world. We will start with a commitment to support 10 such challenges, with prize purses of USD $100,000. We will financially support or co-support the creation and execution of a localization challenge and/or the prize purse.
  • Software developers and content producers pledge to continuously update the open source and content of these applications so the material stays fresh, accessible, and up-to-date.
  • Digital assessment tools. We need an updated and scalable way to know where learners start and how they are progressing, so their learning can be optimized. If people are learning digitally, it doesn’t make sense for them to be tested on paper.

Whether you choose one small thing or dedicate yourself to ten major projects, we need you to join in the cause to build a safer, stronger, more literate, and more just world for all of us.

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