This technology cannot scale if people don’t know about it.

Therefore, the first goal is to be sure that people know about child-driven, technology-based learning. We want to share our lessons learned and provide a repository for people and organizations doing similar work around the world to access our code and data.



Inform stakeholders and the public that innovative
self-learning technology exists, it works, and it represents a vital piece of an overall movement to achieve universal access to learning.

Measurable Outcome

100,000 people will sign the Global Pledge for Universal Access to Quality Learning by 2030 and 10,000 people will access our free database.


  • Open source both English and Swahili versions of the learning software code all five of the Global Learning XPRIZE finalists used in this competition.
  • Establish a free and open data platform that makes as much data
    accessible to people around the world to learn from and build upon.
  • Qualitative assessment of pilot programs and an overview of the field
    by researchers.
  • A data science challenge or hackathon to organize the data.
  • Convening multilateral education leaders to study and potentially adopt the software. Individuals could also organize local community groups to
    organize specific action steps towards universal access to learning.
  • Establish an active and engaging virtual community for experts and
    other interested parties to continue momentum.
  • A social media campaign to help get the word out about this pledge.
  • Donating to this work! Any amount helps us towards our goal.

Whether you choose one small thing or dedicate yourself to ten major projects, we need you to join in the cause to build a safer, stronger, more literate, and more just world for all of us.

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