XPRIZE rewards six ideas for forest prize competitions

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The six ideas were determined through a two-month “Prize Idea Box”, which was the final phase in The Future of Forests Impact Roadmap, created in partnership with the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

The roadmap identified six areas for breakthroughs that could usher in a preferred future for the world’s forests, one in which forests live in harmony in an environment that balances a healthy ecosystem with humanity’s changing needs, including economic growth, social progress, and political stability. The winning ideas in each category now qualify to become a fully-designed XPRIZE competition.

Forests are home to over 80% of terrestrial biodiversity and over 20% of the global population depends on them for their livelihoods.

For centuries, they have been a valuable source of food, water, shelter, and medicine, and serve a vital role in our survival by providing us with breathable air by absorbing atmospheric pollutants and carbon dioxide.

However, primarily due to human activity, the rate of loss of forests currently exceeds the rate of restoration of forests and over 18.7 million acres are destroyed every year.

In order to preserve life on land and human well-being, we need to live harmoniously and sustainably with these forest ecosystems, so they can continue to provide valuable resources and services for generations to come.

The six winning prize ideas are:

Alternative Wood Products

“Evergreen”, a prize idea by the Novel Printers team, from the United States, to find more effective ways of sourcing organic materials than killing living organisms.

Carbon Sequestration

“Enhancing Photosynthesis in Plants and Trees”, a prize idea by the Nano Tech Agriculture team, from India, to enhance photosynthesis and crop yield while reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and water.

Decoupling Land from Food Production

“Plant Hack”, a prize idea by the Green Warrior team, from India, to replicate the plant physiological process and hack the root anatomy.

Fighting Deforestation

“Talking to Trees”, a prize idea from Canada to apply the Internet of Things to forest management.

Renewable Energy Production

“Energy-Positive Carbon Sequestration”, a prize idea by the All Power Labs team, from the United States, to generate electricity and usable heat from biomass while sequestering the carbon emissions.

Value of Forests

“Greenergy”, a prize idea by the Chihayahuru team, from Japan, to enable people to generate energy from greenery.

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