Massamba Thioye

Massamba Thioye

Project Executive, UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub, UNFCCC secretariat

Massamba Thioye is leading at the UNFCCC secretariat, the development of (i) regulations pertaining to the measurement of climate action impact, (ii) incentive mechanisms for climate and sustainability action and (iii) a framework to enhance the use of innovation to support climate and sustainability actions.

He recently initiated the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub and is leading its development as Project Executive.  

He is also Advisory Committee member of the European Green Digital Coalition, Advisory Committee member of the Innovate4Cities conference and member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Net Zero Guidelines.

Massamba Thioye has published several breakthrough technical papers in technical peer-reviewed journals. The most recent include (i) an article on a reformed green bond framework that can scale up the green bond market while addressing green washing (ii) as well as an article on a New advanced GHG accounting system for cities enabled by Distributed Ledger Technologies which is a chapter of the book “Planning Climate Smart and Wise Cities” he co-edited.