Kecia Waddell, Ph.D.

Kecia Waddell, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, Waddell Instructional Design and Training

Kecia Waddell is a dedicated professional educator committed to leveraging technology for transformative teaching and learning experiences. She brings over 27 years of public school teaching experience, empowering adult and adolescent learners with cognitive, emotional, or physical barriers to learning. Her special education teaching experiences strengthen her divergent thinking in support of learners who struggle with exceptionalities.

Kecia is the former executive director of The Center for Blockchain Studies, which existed to educate entrepreneurs about blockchain technology as a new career path. The now-defunct Center for Blockchain Studies provided blockchain live and online training with a unique emphasis on supporting non-developers in the business of blockchain. 

Kecia is CEO of Waddell Instructional Design and Training LLC, an instructional design consulting and educational services company specializing in digital literacy training that respects the unique circumstances and abilities of all her clients. 

Kecia holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology; an MA in Special Education; and a BS in Business Administration: Marketing & Sales Management. Her dissertation research examined the impact of collaboration technology tools in mediating collaboration in the online learning environment. Her most recent areas of interest include Web3 for transparent credentialing and XR for immersive training.