Learning Upgrade

San Diego, CA, United States

About Us

Founded in 1998 by educators, musicians, artists and programmers in San Diego, Learning Upgrade designs innovative, engaging lessons to support struggling students in reading and math. Through the incorporation of songs, video, games and educational research, Learning Upgrade has helped over 1 million students make learning breakthroughs.

In Adult Literacy, we have partnered with Los Angeles Public Library Adult Literacy to deploy our lessons with hundreds of learners at branch libraries, using web-based online courses. We have also worked with San Diego Public Library, Job Corps, and Community Colleges to provide literacy and math instruction for low-literate adults.

Our online courses have delivered proven growth with a variety of students including English Learners, special needs, and learners in poverty. These results have been documented in a number of studies over the past few years.

Our next challenge will be to bring our already proven literacy lessons to the mobile platform, allowing learners to make literacy breakthroughs from their smartphones. This new medium presents challenges such as small screen space, app technologies, and integration with social media. We look forward to meeting these challenges and delivering breakthrough growth to a wide audience of adult learners.


With the Learning Upgrade app, adults can make reading breakthroughs on their own phones. The engaging lessons filled with songs, video, and games move adults step-by-step from the fundamentals to advanced comprehension. Learning happens everywhere: on the bus, during breaks at work, or while waiting for a child at school. Adults earn five certificates as they progress through 300 sequenced lessons. The program prepares adults for success at work, earning a diploma, or taking more advanced classes.

The Learning Upgrade app is designed to provide millions of adults with an enjoyable and effective path to reading success. Available now in app stores, Learning Upgrade is ready to help people around the world learn to read!

Download the Android and IOS apps. 


Vinod Lobo is the co-founder and CEO of Learning Upgrade. He has worked for over 20 years producing educational technology programs. Vinod’s expertise is bringing together educators, musicians, artists, and programmers to create lessons that are engaging and effective. In a given week, he may be found in a studio recording vocals for a new teaching song, working with a programmer on a database for student records, collaborating with student testers to debug new lessons, or training instructors at school sites. The mix of product development and work with instructors and students in schools gives Vinod a unique perspective. His goal is to combine learning research, creative media, and technology to help students make learning breakthroughs.


Vinod Lobo, CEO
Merle Shyla Lobo, Music Director
Ray Blavatt, Artist
John Banks, Programmer
Drew Robinson, Sales Director
Denis Lobo, Research Director
Sheryin Lobo, Operations Director