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Palo Alto, CA , United States

About Us

Cell-Ed tackles one of the world’s most intractable problems: teaching adults the basic skills they need to better their lives. Skills such as reading a child’s homework, communicating with confidence or dividing numbers. One in four US adults doesn’t have these skills, leaving them unemployed or underemployed. 

Cell-Ed enables these adults to acquire literacy, language and workforce-ready skills through a highly-personalized and intuitive mobile solution. Learners simply listen to lessons on their flip phone or smartphone anywhere and anytime -- no internet connection or costly data plan needed. They text to demonstrate understanding of the lesson and can talk and text with Cell-Ed automated and live coaches on demand.

Launched in 2014, tens of thousands of adults use Cell-Ed’s platform, courses and content today to experience 84% faster skills gains. Learners access Cell-Ed through our partner organizations spanning education providers and employers in the US and worldwide. Millions of text messages have been exchanged between learners and Cell-Ed. We are a social enterprise based in Palo Alto, California.


Cell-Ed is a scalable, cloud-based training and communications platform that delivers personalized and customizable courses, surveys, assessments and messaging over any type of mobile device -- no internet required. Features include audio lessons; two-way communications; cross-platform compatibility; and a flexible course builder. Our LMS tracks learner engagement, progress and completion so every interaction is monitored and measured.


Dr. Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, CEO and founder of Cell-Ed, believes mobile first, learner-centered solutions are key to eliminating the stubborn education, digital and opportunity gaps that adversely impact low literate adults and their families. A Silicon Valley native and entrepreneur for over 20 years, Rothenberg-Aalami has co-designed and delivered mobile technology solutions that are accessible, relevant, and affordable. This experience spans 40 countries with major technology companies (e.g., Microsoft, Hewlett Packard), international organizations, governments, umbrella NGOs and on-the-ground partners. An active collaborator and speaker, Rothenberg-Aalami is the co-author of Technology at the Margins: How IT Meets the Needs of Emerging Markets and holds advanced degrees in International Development, Business and ICT Design from the University of California, Berkeley, University of Oregon, and Harvard University.


Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, Ph.D., CEO, Founder
Camille Gommeaux, Program Manager
Jeff Bruner, Technology Director
Lindsay Messoline, Curriculum Director
Megan Nitzche, Curriculum Developer
Pilar Gomez-Marmolejo, Head Teacher
Sonali Joshi, MBA, COO
Sebastian Ricaldoni, Chief Architect