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Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong S.A.R., Hong Kong

About Us

Team AutoCognita got its start when founder Frank Ho, inspired by the challenge, signed up for the Adult Literacy and Global Learning XPRIZEs and looked around for other like-minded people also based in Hong Kong. Over time, the team began to take shape as Pazu Lai joined to as a system developer, and Chun Chi joined later as a front-end developer. We had a solid design and tech team in place, but for several months we lacked someone with real teaching experience. Then one day, Dana Rozier from the U.S. contacted us to express her interest in joining our mission, after reading our team profile on the XPRIZE portal. Now we are one dedicated global team with unique and complimentary skills, all connected through serendipity and the magic of the XPRIZE network.

Having started implementation for the GLEXP, we become more confident that a working solution based on our constructivist approach can be done. With every module that we build today, we keep in mind how it can be used in an adult learning context. We look forward to being a part of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, contributing to end adult illiteracy and making a small dent in the universe.


AutoCognita applies the constructivist learning approach to engage learners through action. Low-literacy adults effectively acquire basic literacy, numeracy and life skills through a comprehensive curriculum and sound pedagogy.


Frank Ho is Founder and CEO of AutoCognita, an EdTech business delivering scalable literacy to the world. Inspired by XPRIZE’s transformative power, Frank formed a small, dedicated team to compete in three XPRIZE challenges – Adult Literacy XPRIZE, Global Learning XPRIZE and AI XPRIZE. His goal is to empower people by attaining literacy through effective self-learning pedagogy. Ultimately, he wishes to help people achieve the next level of literacy – creativity – through the help of augmented intelligence. The team is proud to be selected as a semi-finalist for both the Adult Literacy XPRIZE and Global Learning XPRIZE.

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Frank HO (Team Leader)
Dana ROZIER (Head of Content Development)
Pazu LAI (Head of Technology)
Chun CHI (Front-End Development)