Over 250 million children around the world can’t read, write or complete basic math. Even with the proliferation of the internet and technology, millions of children are still deprived of a basic education.

That’s why we launched the Global Learning XPRIZE competition in 2014, incentivizing teams from around the world to create open sourced, scalable software that empowers children to teach themselves.

We field-tested the software in remote parts of Tanzania where children had no access to formal schooling and the results were truly inspiring.

Tanzania Field-Test




Remote Tanzanian Villages



Reading Gains

At the beginning of the Global Learning XPRIZE field test, less than 10% of the participating children could read a single world in Swahili. After the field test, 45% of these children could read a word, with 30% reading full sentences.

Numeracy Gains

23% of the children were able to correctly answer at least ONE single-digit addition or subtraction problem. After 15 months with tablets, that number jumped to 66%.

Writing Gains

26% of children were able to correctly copy a simple word they were shown using a pencil and a piece of paper. After 15 months, 67% of children with tablets were able to do this correctly.

Get Involved

The teams delivered, but now we need YOU to help complete the mission. Here are four things needed to make this possible:

Are you interested in exploring the data? Click here to download the data sets.

Localize the software into different languages

Source and load the software onto hardware

Delivery of preloaded hardware and charging stations to remote locations

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