To be successful, there must be a device that is affordable (less than US $10), able to stand up to extreme weather, charge itself, be virtually unbreakable, be dust-resistant and water-resistant, and be connected enough so that learning applications can be accessed, updated, and made better.



Develop an affordable, durable machine that can get the learning software into children’s hands.

Measurable Outcome

These learning devices cost less than $10 by 2023.


  • Hardware Design and Prototype challenge. We commit to the design and execution of a hardware design and prototype challenge to incentivize the development of cutting-edge hardware whose design will be open-sourced at the conclusion of the competition and/or I/we will financially support such a challenge.
  • Manufacturing commitment. We want to see a manufacturing company commit to building the design that comes out of the hardware design challenge. Companies could create a CSR program specifically focused on giving employee hours to the creation or research into this technology. The finalists’ prototypes will be tested in the field as a proof-of-concept.
  • Government/Multilateral adoption. We want to see governments and multilateral organizations commit to the purchase of this hardware once it is manufactured. Governments or aid organizations can commit to the purchase of the hardware, the support of the logistics, and/or the creation of community centers to house the technology.

Whether you choose one small thing or dedicate yourself to ten major projects, we need you to join in the cause to build a safer, stronger, more literate, and more just world for all of us.

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