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Creating a powerful coalition

Facing the COVID-19 crisis is proving to be one of the world’s most critical challenges. A challenge bigger than any one Government or organization can tackle without collaboration and uncommon thinking. And the greatest challenge of our generation.

For 25 years, XPRIZE has trained for this moment: to bring the innovative power of the global crowd together with a powerful network of partners who can work together to solve the world’s greatest challenges and enable radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

Our first priority is to bring visibility into existing solutions and projects in development that are grounded in data and have been validated by experts. We invite the world’s innovators to share solutions, learnings and resources and allow the global community to:

  • Participate in the latest breakthroughs, research and solutions in development
  • Ask the network for help in scaling the impact of promising and vetted COVID-19 solutions

Our Alliance members and their vast network of supporters and partners offer their resources to help enable and accelerate existing efforts and pave the way for new solutions to this and future pandemics.

Bleeding edge insights

To accelerate the world’s response to the greatest challenge we face today, XPRIZE is launching the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance,  powered by the XPRIZE Data Collaborative, a powerful platform for collaboration, combining data, AI tools, and bleeding edge insights and ideas with a community of innovators on the fringe.

Comprised of a collection of exclusive datasets and AI capabilities spanning multiple domains, the XPRIZE Data Collaborative democratizes access to data and the tools needed to develop solutions, thus enabling teams and collaborators to use these valuable assets to solve the world’s most immediate  challenges. Our goal is to incentivize and capture the collective intelligence and wisdom of the global community to identify and develop solutions based on data, beginning with the global pandemic we face today and extending further within the domains of health, economy, environment, and equity for all.

Alliance Members

This global alliance of uncommon partners, including the world’s innovators, clinicians, researchers, data scientists, institutions, and experts, is created in collaboration with launch partner, Anthem.

COVID-19 Response Taskforce

The COVID-19 Response Task Force will advise in selecting the most urgent and promising solutions that will help prevent, contain, and stop the spread of COVID-19. The group will have visibility into the exchanges on the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance platform, will help identify potential breakthroughs, facilitate conversations and connections between innovators and resources, and bring in additional stakeholders.

Data-driven breakthroughs

As part of this Alliance, XPRIZE will host and launch a series of rapid data challenges, which may include creating an early warning system for future pandemics, predictive modeling for public health resource allocation and developing more efficient and affordable diagnostics, treatments and cures that can be produced rapidly.

Only together can we make this a reality

This is a matter of life and death. Only together we can we move towards predicting, diagnosing, and treating COVID-19 today. Our vision is to join forces to With your help, we will bring awareness and support to the efforts underway, facilitate meaningful connections on global scale and accelerate solutions for rapid relief today and lasting solutions in the future.

The Alliance welcomes resources, asks and collaborations along three horizons – with the following initiatives under consideration.


  • Accelerate solutions for remote care
  • Provision personal protective equipment to the front line
  • Provide reliable access to testing
  • Secure food and medicine for vulnerable populations


  • Develop, evaluate and deploy point of care and at-home tests
  • Evaluate and deploy effective teleradiology services tied into predictive AI modeling
  • Support food availability and supply chain needs
  • Identify COVID-positive and COVID-negative (safe) zones to prepare for a possible second wave of outbreak

Mid toLong-term

  • Develop and deploy modular ICUs and remote monitoring tools with connected data outflow to care providers
  • Connect people to each other by creating social communities around health and illness
  • Identify ways to predict patients with genetic risk for various diseases and assess treatment protocols
  • Expand the tele-diagnostic and telemedicine offering to include new and innovative remote monitoring solutions

Sign up and join the cause

If you are in a position to contribute to our XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance, we welcome you to join. Please fill out this form and we will get back to you to discuss your specific areas of expertise and how we can leverage those in this global fight. Members will also be invited to join our online response community where we exchange ideas, insights and cutting edge trends around how our alliance is using data to defeat this and future pandemics.