Dwayne Matthews

Dwayne Matthews

Head of School, Innovation & Partnerships, Ontario Virtual School; Innovation Evangelist and Education Strategist, TomorrowNow Learning Labs

Dwayne Matthews is an innovation evangelist and “future of education” strategist. He converges and shares knowledge on the future of education, disruptive technology, and the evolution of work.

Matthews is the Head of School, Innovation & Partnerships, at Ontario Virtual School Dwayne is also the founder of TomorrowNow Learning Labs, which creates future focused learning lab models that emphasize personalized learning, assessment and student success innovations. 

Dwayne is the former president of NeuroEdX, a company that uses neurotechnology to prepare students for the exponential growth of the 4th industrial revolution. Matthews also served as the Senior Education Lead for the Faubert Applied Research Centre. The Faubert Applied Research brings together researchers and experts in cognitive human performance from industry, government, and academia to bridge the gap between research and unmet real life applications. 

Matthews recently addressed the UN on issues and opportunities around digital literacy, cognitive abilities and the 54 countries of Africa. Matthews has also addressed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the importance of education transformation and national prosperity and regional security. 

In addition Matthews was the Canadian Executive Director of an intelligence firm and focused on finding disruptive and future looking technologies for the Fortune 500. Some of his clients included senior and executive leaders from Barrick Gold, Suncor, P&G, GSK, Magna and members of the DuPont Family. 

Before that Matthews was an international educator at one of the top 5 private schools in South America and the junior chairperson at a TDSB school in Toronto, Canada. He was also a member of the core strategic planning team at The FDR International School, in Lima, Peru. Dwayne can be seen on national Canadian television on CTV’s Your Morning and The Marlyn Denis show. Over the last 24 months Matthews has had over 1.8 million views on his collective social media posts focused on the relationship between the future of work and education. 

Dwayne works to review future trends in education that are driven by technological advancement. Dwayne’s career path over almost two decades has afforded him an incredibly unique and privileged perspective on future technologies and its fundamental impact oneducation and work.