The software and hardware must have the ability to be delivered to even the most challenging environments, including extremely remote and conflict areas.



Once the devices are designed and built, we must deliver them to children
wherever they are, even in remote and challenging environments.

Measurable Outcome

Learning apps will be delivered to 100 million children globally by 2030.


  • Governmental recognition. Governments and multilaterals need to formally recognize this model as a way of providing learning opportunities to children. Just offering recognition of this as an option can open many doors.
  • Logistical commitment. Organizations like XPRIZE partner the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that have a proven record of getting medicine and other critical supplies to challenging environments are an invaluable resource in logistical support for getting learning software and hardware to children in need.
  • Local micro-economies. Private companies could provide microloans and/ or “franchise packets” for local entrepreneurs to build a micro-economy in their community to sustain the work.
  • Connected support. Individuals or companies can support the expansion of connectivity around the world, and/or donate part of their data plans to support the ability of developers to update their software.
  • Consumer support. A company can pledge to build a program so that their customers can opt to purchase an app or a device for a community when they are purchasing an item for themselves (aka a “Toms Shoes model”).

Whether you choose one small thing or dedicate yourself to ten major projects, we need you to join in the cause to build a safer, stronger, more literate, and more just world for all of us.

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